Monday night was not your typical drab back-to-work kind of Monday. Beartooth, Motionless In White and Stick To Your Guns completely smashed all the faces of patrons at Rapids Theater Monday night 1.20.20. It was a jammed packed crowd from beginning to end and everyone who performed was rocking and certainly not frequent in this area. So if you did have a rough Monday, this would have been the perfect place to take out your aggression!

Stick To Your Guns was an absolutely hard rocking, energy packed set from start to finish. With a set list like “Married To The Noise”, “Against Them All” and “Amber” this hard core punk band from Orange County California really pack a punch as great openers. These guys have hard hitting bass and loud drums along with strong, clean vocals and great breakdowns its clear these guys have a sound and its great live. Stage presence was wild and enthusiastically engaging the crowd into circles pits but brought a heavy sound to make you consider jumping in! They were a fun watch and a local enjoyment.

Motionless In White doesn’t come to the Western New York area often notably their first trip was in 2010 at xtreme wheels and I’m sure there was another time since then but not many! Rapids was a great venue to host as we were able to have an intimate experience. Between the stage theatrics with the huge lit up MIW letters and a skeletal faced bassist this band was hard hitting and fun to watch! The crowd was wild for them from begin to end, singing back to all songs showing a strong presence of true fans. With a set list that had hits like “Eternally Yours”, Disguise” and “Brand New Numb” the goth medal core group with koRn like influencing sounds and demented vocals leave you fulfilled in this genre. They bring a rocking variety of their songs and stage presence, hopefully it won’t be too long before theyre back around.

Beartooth came in so hot and heavy they were absolutely wild from start to finish. That was the first comment I had right after exiting the photo pit “Boy those guys were crazy”. Their hardcore controlled chaos sound with crisp vocals in scream and melodics give you a best of both worlds. The crowd was bonkers the whole time fully screaming words verbatim back. Truly a lot of fans in this area and this really is the type of music appreciated in these neck of the woods. Crowd surfers were an all night occurrence through out all bands but the heaviest during Beartooth. With hits like “In Between”, “Beaten In Lips”, and “Afterall” they play a good variety of their songs and melt your face while doing it. These guys left Rapids shook hope they come around here in a nearer future.

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