Every year the Every time I Die ‘Tid the season is an event that is not only highly anticipated but also not for the faint of heart. Whether it be the hardcore metaling, grunging, heavy rocking musical acts that are lined up or the wresting matches that rattle the walls of Buffalo Iron Works, the boys of Every time I Die never short any expense in giving everyone and anyone who attends a day they will never forget.

This year they had two days span to have more music, more activities and more opportunity for more folks to come due to such high demand. The place is always beautifully decorated with Christmas wreaths and lights, a huge tree, and all the accommodations one would need being in one place for a few hours. Saturdays events started with live pro wrestling of course featuring no other than Andy Williams aka “The Butcher” & with his companion “The Blade”. They and others took on other pro wrestlers for an afternoon of back breaking moves and highly raved about energy and entertainment. Andy Williams is truly a testament that if you have a passion and a dream no matter where you are in life just go for it. Other fun entertainment was the open skate, curling, you could get your picture taken in front of the giant gleaming “I” with Santa or if thats not enough you could have rode a bucking reindeer. All kinds of something to keep just about everyone engaged. Music started in the mid afternoon and thats when it all really started to get lively.

Ghostface Killah was greeted by a huge crowd response. The energy was already high from earlier acts such as The Get Up Kids, Cave In and other ample openers. The crowd was loud and interactive the whole set that included many Wu-Tang hits “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” and other notable classics, many popular hits from other music artists with DJ remix tracks spinning. At one point their were people from the crowd trying to free style and rap along with some notable songs. Overall was undoubtedly cool to see a member of Wu Tang live in person and was received highly by the attendees.

Opening with “Cut and Run”, Glassjaw was a hard hitting band to have before the main act. With notable hits back from 2002, this was a real treat to see these guys live. Notable ballads such as “Tip your bartender”, “Ape Dos Mil”, and “Pink Roses” the post hardcore group is still drawing huge crowds and ones that are filled with long time fans. Founder and front man Daryl puts on a wildly, rocking out performance and all that were there got a great show from the pack. Having a hard time traveling at times in past Buffalo is thankful to see Glassjaw in these parts.

Waiting for Every time I Die to start their spectacle is always in strong anticipation and in wonder of how they’ll open. Their usual white curtain with the classic crackling fireplace is shown onto it while stage is setup. Once lights finally hit low, the huge screen in Buffalo Iron Works begins to play a local Buffalo Bill fanatic Marc Miller in a video bit from 27 years ago rooting for “Dallas to go down”! He has become a true Buffaloian Icon and after the video played the curtain dropped and there he was on stage! He was a great opener for the guys and the crowd jus absolutely erupted and lost their minds. It was a pivotal moment to be around some of Buffalo’s finest folks and yes the Buffalo Bills won their game, Marc encouraged Pittsburgh was going down and they did leaving the Bills playoff bound at 10-4.

Every time I die was pure magic. They bring chest bursting energy, ungodly mayhem and always put it all on the line, never leave an ounce of themselves behind, it is all left on the stage. From a set list that includes the likes of “Decayin With The Boys”, “El Dorado”, “Buffalo 666”, to a new working title “Never Forget”. These guys are the hardest working men in the industry and are doing it with families who so graciously spare their time away from them so that we can enjoy their talents. We are all eternally grateful for that. Their lyrically genius front man Keith Buckley always just a class act showman with his slower, more vocally ranged ballad “Moor” being performed second to last and the closer was a personal favorite “Map Change”. No shortage or sparing of confetti and pyro, the ruthless moshers and by standers of the pit who went all day and the hardest at night, it was as always just mind numbingly amazing and something you wish would never end.

If you are fan of Every time I Die and haven’t attended a Christmas show you need to start planning for next year! Thats how far in advance these guys start the process and it takes a lot of hands on deck to make this all come together. Buffalo is lucky to have the music scene we have and the people around here are grateful to be able to enjoy it. I have gone the last two years and have yet to see or hear of a bad experience, no fights no bad vibes. Now we get look forward to what the new year and what looks like could be new album on the way 2020. Let’s Go Buffalo!

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