Taking Back Sunday is no stranger to a good time. Last night was further proof that even after 20 years of being a band and putting out three gold albums, four Top 10 albums & ten Top 10 singles on the Billboard charts, they’re still putting on a hell of a show! Taking Back Sunday graced the stage of Buffalo Riverworks on Halloween night 10.31.19 for one of two shows. They are currently on a year long worldwide tour just really celebrating their music and the fans with full album performances and some.

The night started with plenty of costumed fans filling the venue quite steadily considering the very nasty wind and rain occurring outside. If not costumed definitely a few TBS t-shirts were out there as well. Red City Radio was the opening act to get everybody warmed up, literally. The guys were all face painted as KISS and followed the act of their said “characters” right through the performance. They were both musically talented with easy head bobbing and body swaying jams and quite endearing with the crowd. The singer, Garrett Dale, has a very gravely sound that is unique and just works well with the punk rock style they have. “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Rad”, “Rest Easy” and “Two Notes Shy Of An Octave” just to name a few of the songs played as well as their rendition of “Welcome To Paradise” by Green Day that brought the 90’s vibe in there. As the set went on they really got everyone amped for what was to come. I would recommend seeing Red City Radio live if given an opportunity I personally had not heard of them before but quite enjoyed the music and the enamoring lead singer.

As the set change began for TBS the crowd really began to pack in and even if not sold out it was a very large presence in Buffalo Riverworks which really does provide a spacious atmosphere. The stage had a spooky set up, the lights went dark and a beautiful emblem resembling the one from their new compilation album “Twenty” was a glowing back drop. Of course it was no mystery how the show was to start and just right into it the whole “Tell All Your Friends” album from 1-10. “Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut from the Team)” and “You’re So Last Summer” was the more louder sounding sing back from the crowd but you could tell everyone there was really into the show. Adam Lazzara was captivating as always between the crowd wooing interaction and his trademark microphone swinging which, makes you think one minute he’s going to take some one out but then you notice his grace and experience and leaves you mesmerized during every song. To continue on with the evening, a coin toss was done to decide what album was to be played next and what was to be played the next night. After pranking the crowd with a fake Buffalo staple Keith Buckley (it was his anniversary otherwise I’m sure he would have been there) the coin decided it was to be “Louder Now” played in full. And just like that “What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost” began to play and went right down the list “MakeDamnSure” was super loud and ” Error: Operator” another crowd favorite. The night carried on with some surprises like a Weezer cover of “My Name is Jonas” and more favorites like ” This Photograph Is Proof ( I Know You Know) and “A Decade Under The Influence” accompanied with confetti overflow. An amazing end to an incredible night one leaving no one going home disappointed.

Overall, spending Halloween listening to my favorite high school anthems was a great time in itself but the vibes in the building was all positive and everyone just enjoying the show and each others company. Also wouldn’t be a Buffalo show without a few crowd “Lets Go Buffalo” chants breaking out. Taking Back Sunday is truly an iconic band from being one of the youngest inductees into the Long Island Music Hall Of Fame you can tell lead singer Adam is still humbled over his journey. “It feels strange to say out loud…2019 marks 20 years since I joined Taking Back Sunday and my life changed forever,” remarks singer Adam Lazzara. “So, next year we will be traveling the world to celebrate the amazing brotherhood, music and life we have created together over the past 20 years. We hope you can join us for what is sure to be an experience to remember.”
For more info on Taking Back Sunday, visit TakingBackSunday.com and follow @takingbacksunday on Facebook and Instagram, @TBSOfficial on Twitter

Review by: Jessica Gresham Photos by: Dave Stevens

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